Friday, November 25, 2011

Grilled Seafood Just the Tonic at Incheon Port Festival

Gizzard shads are a seasonal favorite in Korea as their flesh fattens up at this time of year with just the right amount of health-inducing fish oils, and visitors could hardly get enough of them at an annual seafood festival in Incheon earlier this month.

The 11th Incheon Sorae Port Festival that ran from Oct. 13 to 16 attracted people from all over the country with its lively program of events and fresh seafood, including fish, crabs and clams.

View of Incheon Sorae Port A tasting session of fish congee served from a huge iron cauldron was wildly popular, but nothing could top the demand for the nutty and salty gizzard shads, delivered directly from fishing boats at the port. Visitors lined up to pluck them off grills, voicing their delight at the succulent fish as they sucked it down with a hot spoonful of rice.

Grilled gizzard shads During the festival, the market was filled with merchants and visitors negotiating prices. Those who bought fish to make into sashimi made their way to the raw fish restaurant, or found a free spot in front of the port for a refreshing picnic amid the cool ocean breeze.

The fish market at Incheon Sorae Port The festival also featured cultural experiences and performances showcasing the beauty of the West Sea and the romantic scenery around the port. Further information can be found at the event's homepage (

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