Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Festival Revives Old Fish Market in Masan


A recent festival at Masan's fishers' market was among the highlights of a campaign to revitalize farmers' and fishers' markets across the country.

Created in 1760, Masan's fishers' market is one of the country's oldest. The festival is already in its 13th year and lasted from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1 this year.

At the opening ceremony, Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su said the old market is where traders' "joys and sorrows are laid out" and that the city will endeavor to promote the market's growth.

There were traditional performances, fish-related fun activities and a photo exhibition. One vendor said she likes the festival because it attracts a lot of visitors and some of them become regulars.

Masan used to be one of the nation's seven major cities and the center of the province, but in 1980, the planned city Changwon was created nearby and became the seat of the provincial office in 1983.

Government agencies and public institutions soon moved out of Masan, sapping the life from the ancient port. But now such, an array of projects are breathing life back into the downtown area, with the festival is serving as a driving force.

The city of Changwon is making efforts to restore vitality to neighboring areas through various projects in Jinhae and Masan.

"In 2010, Jinhae and Masan were merged into Changwon," a city official said. "We're striving to develop the city by providing support for balanced development and gathering opinions from residents and traders."


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