Thursday, September 5, 2013

Animals, Water Sleds Keep Kids Entertained All Day at Incheon Grand Park

Young mother Iturukan from Kyrgyzstan recently took her son but the pic of the baby is looking like a baby girl to Incheon Grand Park to enjoy its diverse facilities, which include a zoo, an eco-trail and a sledding hill.

They were accompanied by her brother on their day trip to the largest park in Incheon, which sees an average of 5.5 million visitors a year.

A 256,000-sq.-m arboretum near the main entrance boasts a forest of lush broadleaf trees that tower up to 10 m. The 200,000 trees here are divided into three sections -- rare and wild varieties, garden types, and a collection of theme zones.

The Kyrgyzstan family said they were most impressed by a huge rose garden in the arboretum that sees various varieties of the flower -- 11,000 in total -- surround a central fountain.

The family then headed to the zoo where nearly 300 animals, including desert foxes and eagles, await visitors. Most are fairly docile, meaning that it is safe for children to touch or feed them.

The final destination was the sledding hill, the most popular attraction among children. In summer, the 124-m slope is watered using sprinklers, facilitating more exhilarating rides while giving visitors a refreshing shower as they rush pell-mell down it. Water is replaced with snow during the winter months.

For more information, call the park directly at (032) 466-7282. Alternatively, check the city's website at or contact it by phone at (032) 451-1800.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

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