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Three-lows in recipes Cabbage soybean paste soup

/ Courtesy of And Books


You will need 350 grams of cabbage, 10 centimeters of spring onion, 150 grams of tofu, and optionally, a half tablespoon of red pepper powder. For broth, you will need eight Japanese anchovies (big anchovies for broth), and a sheet of dasima, or kelp, that measures 10 centimeter by 10 centimeter in size. For seasoning, you will need a tablespoon of soybean paste and a half tablespoon of chopped garlic.


1. Cut cabbage in bite sizes, and diagonally slice spring onion.

2. Slice tofu in appropriate size.

3. Put the ingredients for broth in five cups of water. Turn the heat to medium and when it boils, take out the kelp. Lower down the heat and continue boiling for 10 minutes. Sieve the broth.

4. Put the cabbage into the broth and boil it on medium heat.

5. When it boils, add the red pepper powder and soybean paste.

6. When the cabbage gets tender, put tofu, spring onion, and chopped garlic. Boil once again.


Cabbage, which is especially beneficial to the stomach, is a vegetable that you can enjoy without gaining weight. Rich in fiber, it is also helpful for the intestines.

This is an excerpt from “Samjeo-Babsang,” or three-lows to observe in recipes, by Prof. Lim Do-sun at Korea University Anam Hospital, published by And Books. The “three-lows” refers to low sodium, low calories, and low fat.

Source: The Korea Times

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