Sunday, July 14, 2013

'Makgeolli' storable for 100 days

Ivory-colored traditional rice wine "makgeolli"

The state-run food laboratory has developed a new fermentation technology, extending the distribution period for Korea’s traditional rice wine Makgeolli to 100 days from 30 days.
The Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) said the new technology slows down the liquor’s fermentation process.

Experts said it will help the products’ worldwide distribution. The demand for Makgeolli continues to rise in overseas markets. But exporting the products in large quantities to remote nations by vessels has been impossible since the current storage technology keeps its taste unspoiled only for up to one month.

“We’ve found that Makgeolli keeps its taste unspoiled for up to 105 days,” a KFRI official said. “We will soon start promoting this to domestic Makgeolli makers.”

Makgeolli is found to have potent anti-cancer properties that are 10-25 times greater than beer and grape wine, according to a recent study by the KFRI.

Source: The Korea Times

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