Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Hallyu Factor : The North East veiwers of India are gaga over the South Korean KBS TV drama "Queen of the Office,"

'A Microcosm of Society'

The KBS TV drama "Queen of the Office," now showing in most of the Asian household , is getting high viewer ratings with its sympathetic portrayal of the lives of salaried workers as well as the difference between the permanent and the contract workers.
Actress Kim Hye-soo, who is playing the role of "Miss Kim," said, "She's not the just the larger-than-life character you usually see in soaps, who has extraordinary skills that make anything possible." in  The chosun Ilbo Newspaper.

"The plot also deals with heavier issues like discrimination, unfairness or inequality in the workplace, but it portrays them with a sense of levity, even in a sarcastic way, and delivers subtle messages about work and life within the rigid framework of a hierarchical work environment."
In general, this drama deals with ordinary office workers and their lives, but in fact it holds lessons for all of us, and every episode tell us something which appeal and draw us toward this particular channel to fall in love. See how the Korean dramas are so tactfully monopolizing to make us addiction. This is another great side of Hally which is not ready to fade but grow high and higher.


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