Saturday, August 27, 2011

Samsung, LG ranked top in global TV market in 2nd quarter

Two leading Korean electronic makers -- Samsung and LG Electronics -- have taken the top two highest ranks in the global TV market.

According to a report by Display Search, a global market research firm, released on August 22, Samsung Electronics topped the global TV market with the highest market share of 22.4 percent in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung has ranked at the top of the list since 2006, followed by LG Electronics with a global market share of 14.9 percent. Sony took an 11.4-percent market share, followed by Panasonic at 9.3 percent and Sharp which recorded 6.8 percent.

(From left) 3DTV of LG Electronics, LED TV of Samsung Electronics

Samsung ranked the top in the flat-screen, LED, and 3D TV market with a 22.6-percent global market shares in flat-screen TVs, 19.9 percent in LED TVs, and 34.4 percent of the shares in the 3D TV market.

LG ranked second with a 14.4 percent global market share in flat-screen TVs and an 11.6 percent share in LED TVs, and third with a 12.4-percent share in the global 3D TV market.

The volume of the global flat-screen TV market showed a two-percent increase over that of the previous quarter this year.

Sales of 3D TVs, which showed more than a 130 percent increase over that of the previous quarter, mainly led the sales rise of the flat-screen TV market which took more than ten percent of the total volume of flat-screen TV sales.


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