Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musical 'Organ in My Heart' celebrates 200th performance

Local musical “Organ in My Heart” celebrated its 200th performance at Hoam Art Hall in central Seoul, last Thursday.

Based on the 1999 film “The Harmonium in My Memory,” the show recalls the dim memory of first love.

At the end of the play, Jeong Jae-ok, CEO of Credia, thanked the audiences who came to see it. “We hope to continue staging ‘Organ in My Heart’ until it reaches its 2,000th performance,” Jeong said.

Actors, including Oh Man-seok, who played the teacher at the premiere in 2008 and now directs the show, and Kang Pil-suk, who played Dong-su last year, came to celebrate the anniversary.

Other celebrities were also in attendance. Famed musical actress Choi Jung-won said, “I saw the musical in 2010 and this is my second time. The lovely lyrics and melody of ‘Organ in My Heart’ makes me indulge in memories.”

The musical revolves around Hong-yeon, a 16-year-old belated elementary school student. She falls in love at first sight with her new teacher Dong-su, but he has a crush on Su-jeong, the art teacher who is also the school nurse.

Singer Tim and actor Kim Seung-dae alternate the role of Dong-su, while Jung Woon-sun, Choi Joo-ri and Lee Su-bin play Hong-yeon. Lee, a 16-year-old middle school student, portrays the delicate sentiments of a teenager. Sun-woo, the vocalist from “Qualifications of a Man” and Seo-young, play the role of Su-jeong.

The musical will run through Aug. 28. Tickets cost 40,000 to 60,000 won. Japanese subtitles are available. Visit or call (02) 744-2588 for more information.

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