Friday, November 20, 2009

The power of motivation..!

Why I call this title of mine as power of the motivation because motivation can really boost our moral. It can lift us up so high that it is beyond the imagination but the bullying others and always discouraged makes us down and leads us towards the path of disaster.
It was the day when i was really down and dishearten because of certain reason and I was looking for a freinds to come and chat with me but I end up chatting with a person whom i never known before. But we end up chating for more than two hours and that day the person motivate me so much..........!
And I wonder and ask to the god that "God i never come across such things in my life" and specially a stranger , we didn't even know each other and tell me the story and help me to lighten my days and made me cheerful. I was so touched and deep down inside my heart I felt that there angels are still existing in this world.
I know may be am puting that incident so high but such small small things makes our life colorful and remarkable. Hope when someone is dishearten somewhere I hope they we also get motivation and make change their gloomy days into a wonderful one.
Thank You.

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