Saturday, April 12, 2014

I am also waiting here in India : Just Like Apple! Smartphone Shoppers Are Waiting in Line for Samsung's Galaxy S5


On Friday Samsung released its Galaxy S5 smartphone, the Apple rival’s top competitor to the iPhone. And just like each new iPhone does, the Galaxy S5 attracted lines of eager shoppers hoping to be among the first to own the new phone.
Well, it attracted lines in some cities, anyway. 
Here’s the scene in London, spotted by the (slightly-biased) folks at Android Central. “It’s no iPhone line, sure” Android Police officer/writer Richard Devine concluded, “but it’s still damn impressive.”

Just Like Apple! Smartphone Shoppers Are Waiting in Line for Samsung's Galaxy S5
Twitter user Ianus Keller shared this panoramic shot of a long line in the Netherlands:
And the Singapore Times snapped this photo of “hundreds” queued up for the Galaxy S5 in — well, Singapore.

Here’s another, more modest line from Singapore, shared on Digital Life Singapore’s Facebook page:


It wasn’t all lines and queues for Samsung, however. Whereas almost all Apple stores tend to attract huge crowds on release day, the Galaxy S series isn’t quite there yet in terms of broad, overwhelming appeal — a fact that some Apple fans gleefully pointed out on Twitter.
Here’s Australia-based Apple developer Ryan Jones, sharing a photo from Melbourne.
Here’s James Covington, in Jersey City, New Jersey:
Even in Seoul, South Korea — where Samsung is based, and where almost everybody owns a Samsung phone — the scene was subdued. Jonathan Cheng, who covers Samsung in Seoul for the Wall Street Journal, described the mood as “really, really quiet” in a tweet:
You may remember that Samsung mocked Apple fanboys who waited in line for the iPhone in a series of ads for last year’s Galaxy S4. Those ads were apparently so successful that now Samsung has attracted line-waiters of its own. 
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