Saturday, January 11, 2014

Changwon Revives Forgotten Street with Music and Art


Changwon City has turned an old alley full of small bars in its Odongdong neighborhood into a new local attraction in a bid to revive the area.

A gate resembling a large horn has been installed at the entry of the street, which runs from Gyeongnam Bank to Odongdong Intersection, while a motion sensor triggers a local folk song whenever people pass by.

Pictures and craftworks along the street explain the origin of the name Odongdong as well as its history, while walls painted in primary colors like deep blue and yellow add a sense of vibrancy.

Many of the works of local painter Hyun Jae-ho can be seen on the walls lining the street courtesy of artists from Changdong Artists' Village, which makes visitors feel like they are privy to a large outdoor art exhibition.

The ground has also been repaved and new streetlights added to brighten the dark alley, with CCTV cameras installed for extra security.

Meanwhile, other renovation projects in Burim Market and Changdong shopping district are also in their finishing stages. The areas will soon feature wall paintings, LED lights and paths repaved using colorful patterns to create a more safe and cheerful atmosphere.

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