Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dream interpretation varies with your own situation


By Janet Shin

Many people refer to dream dictionaries when they want to know about their dreams. In fact, what dreams portray is different from individual to individual. Accordingly they can be translated more accurately based on personal experiences and circumstances. These books are helpful to a certain degree just to get general information, but they don’t pertain to every individual situation.

Some of my acquaintances say if they have a dream of eating something, they get sick in reality. So those who have intuition try to be alerted in their dreams and avoid eating consciously.

Most people say the dream of hair falling out implies a sudden misfortune. Meanwhile there are others who have an opposite reading. If a fistful of hair falls out, their long lasting pain disappears the next day.

My mom used to say that she got into a quarrel in reality after she saw her mother-in-law in her dream. Although a dog dream is considered as just a silly one, whenever she dreamed of a dog, she ached all over the next day. She would say that looking after a baby in a dream implies an awkward situation to lead to a loss of face.

How can all these personalized experiences be written in a dream dictionary? It may not be easy to fully understand all the implications. However we can attain profound insight once we learn ways to understand the wisdom from them. It is basically to discern our own experiences and contexts of daily dreams.

Then how can we get this self-consciousness and be a reader of our dream?

The first step is to take notes of your dreams upon waking up. You have several dreams while sleeping and what we remember is usually the last one. Not all of them you memorize and even those you perceived may slip out of your mind quickly as you get into the daily routine. So you should write them down when your consciousness between the dream and reality.

What you should figure out is who or what makes an appearance, natural background and the plots. You would recognize your role and the relationship between you and other characters. Most importantly the sentiment you get in the context would have a crucial influence.

Most people have a certain conventional knowledge about dream interpretations, such as, pigs represent fortune, water is wealth and carp suggest the forthcoming conception of a baby while losing teeth may mean the death of a close family member. You might also have thought that dreams portray the opposite reality.

Some may be right but they don’t apply to everybody. Instead of consulting those folklores, try to withdraw into your own pure consciousness so that you can reach a more meaningful translation.

There are several factors you need to pay attention as they turn out to be critical clues;

● Interaction among the characters

● Whether you fly, swim or dance

● Your versatility

● How you were dressed

● Work-related aspects

● Shapes or conditions of a space - house, car or room

● Symbolic characters including animals and insects

● Splendid nature

● Body parts

● Spiritual beings

● Recently departed and ancestors

People usually dream of objects or activities familiar to their particular experiences, professions or personal tastes. Those who drive a lot may see various types of cars, for example. Nowadays cell phones are an indicator of significant incidents. The contents of dreams are subject to change by the times and general trends.

Dreams can lead you to have a foresight to understand the connection between your unconsciousness and reality. There are many beacons flickering to give us signs of fortune coming in and out. It is your own ability that can get wise to their teachings, which depends on the extent of your awareness. 

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