Monday, February 4, 2013

Recipe for slow and steady diet

“Myeolchi Jumeokbap”- Rice ball with fried anchovies


You will need 2/3 of a bowl of cooked rice, which is approximately 140 grams, 1/4 sheet of dried seaweed, some sesame oil and sesame. For “Myeolchi Bokkum,” or
stir-fried Japanese anchovies, you will need 15 grams of tiny Japanese anchovies, 1/3 of a tablespoon of “gochujang,” or Korean traditional red chili-pepper paste,

1/3 teaspoon of “mulyeot,” or starch syrup, and some chopped garlic and vegetable oil.

Step by step

1. Cook rice and cool it. Then mix it well with sesame oil and sesame.

2. Put the Japanese anchovies in sieve and shake to get rid of dust and powder. Grease the pan with oil and stir-fry anchovies.

3. Mix gochujang and chopped garlic to make sauce for fried Japanese anchovies. Put it in the pan with the fried anchovies, and lightly stir-fry them again.

4. Add 4/5 of the fried Japanese anchovies of step 3 to cooked rice and mix them.

5. Cut the dried laver in 1 by 6 centimeters strips.

6. Shape the mixed rice and anchovies into a ball, in form and size appropriate for eating. Roll them in the dried seaweed, and put the remaining 1/5 of the anchovies
on the roll for decoration.
Nutritional facts
Carbohydrates 52g

Protein 1g

Fat 4g


The “Mulyeot” should be added to fried Japanese anchovies after turning off the gas as it can harden the “Myeolchi Bokkum” when added to it too early.

This is an excerpt from “500 calories diet” by Kim Hyung-mi, director at the department of dietetics at Severance Hospital, and CJ Freshway, published by Cypress.

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