Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kimchi Among Trendy Food in U.K. in 2013

Kimchi was put on a list of trendy foods for next year in an article published by the Daily Mail's food writer Anne Shooter on Saturday.

"Fermented Korean cabbage, or Kimchi, is gracing all sorts of menus," she wrote, adding that it has become available as a side dish at noodle restaurants in London. "Definitely an acquired taste and it makes your fridge smell scary," she added.

Shooter said in recent years posh burger bars have popped up everywhere in London and "now it's the turn of the humble hot dog to go gourmet."

She also forecast the rise of "bacon chocolate bars," taking a cue from Britain’s transatlantic cousins in the U.S. where chocolate bars infused with bacon bits have become popular. Meanwhile, in the U.K., a bunch of books with recipes for bacon brownies have been published.

Sriracha, a Thai paste made of chili, garlic, sugar, salt and vinegar is also likely to see demand grow in the U.K., she said.

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