Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Endless festival this December at KOREA

Event Date Location Description Information
Seoul Photo Festival 2012 11/21(Wed)~12/30(Sun) Main Building of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul City Hall, Seoul Museum of History
  • Main exhibition based on memories of Seoul, special exhibitions, workshops, seminars, photo month, etc.
120 Dasan Call
“Jeongdong in 1900” as a Commemoration of 10th Anniversary of Seoul Museum of History 11/9(Fri) ~
Seoul Museum of History Planning Exhibition
  • Exhibition of Jeongdong, which was and is the center of South Korea before and after 1900, a place for foreigners, origin of newspapers, and a venue of international exchange
724- 0274 ~6
A Winter Tour to Warm Seoul Zoo Dec.22(Sat.)~
Feb.11, 2013(Mon.)
Seoul Zoo
  • A small music concert in the warm botanical garden.
  • Magic and ventriloquism in an animal land
  • A world mask exhibition.
  • A winter expedition contest at the warm animal zoo.
  • A winter scenery photo exhibition at the warm animal zoo.
  • Adults 3,000 won/Youth 2,000 won/Children 1,000 won
A Special Exhibition on the Wintering Strategies of Butterflies and Insects Dec. 1(Sat.)~
Mondays closed
On the 2nd floor of the Insect Garden at Seoul Forest
  • A hands-on experience exhibition for exploring over-wintering insects in the cold winter season. (A diorama exhibition of the wintering methods of insects, such as oriental moths and mantis’.)
Making a Christmas Family Doorplate 24 (Mon.) 25 (Tue.)
Dream Forest
  • Make a family doorplate in celebration of Christmas.
A Revisit to Hongdae Dec.21 (Fri.)~
Dec.22 (Sat.)
Seoul Art Center_Seogyo
  • Enjoy a special Christmas party with indie music and a movie.
Ice Garden Dec. 7, 2012 (Fri.)~Feb 17, 2013 (Sun.) Central Plaza of Garden Five
  • The ice rink of the Garden Five.
  • Children 1,000 won/Students 1,500 won/Adults 2,000 won
An Open Educational Program, ‘Our Friend, Cheonggyecheon Culture Center’ Dec. 3~24
Every week (Mon.)
An education room of Cheong Gye Cheon Museum
  • An educational program that is offered in a self-guided style.
    (block, puzzle, stamp play, natural-soap making)
  • ※ Morning (group) 10:00 - 12:00 Afternoon (individual) 13:30 - 17:00
2286-3402/ 3452
Joseon, a Nation of Maps Dec.14, 2012 (Fri.)
~Feb. 28, 2013 (Thu.)
Donated Relic Exhibition Room 3 at the Seoul Museum of History
  • This exhibition is for examining the history of maps, which were made from the Joseon Dynasty Period to the present, through a showing of 40 maps that were donated by Mr. Lee Chan and Heo Yeong-hwan. It will help to increase people’s awareness about geography.
724-0274 ~6
Musical: “A Poet Cooking Rice, Scooping Out Love” Dec.18 (Tue.) ~ Dec.29 (Sat.)
Weekdays 19:30
(Wed, Fri, 24, 25 Performance available at 3 pm)
Sat. 15:00, 19:30
Sun. 15:00
Sejong Grand Theater
  • A bestseller autobiography book, titled A Poet Cooking Rice, Scooping Out Love, which sold some 1.2 million copies, has been re-created as a musical. This musical will stage a dramatic re-telling of true love story between a pastor and a Catholic nun who is 5 years older than the pastor. Their love is sublimated to sharing activities at a poor and rough place called Cheongnyangni 588.
  • *Rice-Serving Seat 120,000 won/ R Seat 90,000 won/ S Seat 70,000 won/ A Seat 50,000 won/ B Seat 30,000 won

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