Sunday, November 4, 2012

Up-Comminf fest at Korea

Festival Calendar

* Seosan Chrysanthemum Festival
Nov. 1-11
Gaguri, Gobuk-myeon, Seosan, South Chungcheong Province

Seosan is located on the west coast and is a good place to grow chrysanthemums because of its mild weather. Various chrysanthemums and wild flowers are currently in full bloom in the 100,000-square-meter Hannongwon garden. Programs include an exhibition of more than 10,000 chrysanthemum products from 200 varieties, a handicraft exhibition and performances of traditional folk games. Visitors may also taste food and tea made with chrysanthemum flowers and buy local specialties including rice, garlic and dried red pepper at discounted prices.

For more information, call 041-660-2498 or visit the Web site at

Festival Calendar
* Gunsan International Migratory Bird Festival
Nov. 21-25
Geumgang Bird Park, Gunsan, North Jeolla Province

Visitors will have the chance to take field trips to observe migratory birds up close, see movies on migratory birds and enjoy cultural events, symposiums and exhibitions. Guided bus tours will also be available. The bird watching corridor (known as "Tamjohoerang" in Korean), built on the embankment of the Geum River, is the only facility of its kind in Korea. Children can also learn about the ecology of birds at Napo Cross fields.

For more information, call 063-453-7213 or visit the event's Web site at

Festival Calendar
* Seoul Lantern Festival
Nov. 2-18
Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul

From Nov. 2 to 18 the Cheonggyecheon Stream in central Seoul will become an extravaganza of light and water with about 30,000 lanterns embroidering the Autumn nights. Visitors will enjoy many more lanterns than last year, with the exhibition starting at Cheonggye Plaza and stretching a 1.3-km section of the stream to Gwansugyo Bridge. During the festival, visitors can expect to see lanterns made by artists from such foreign countries as China, Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand, as well as local citizens. Programs will include lantern-making and an introduction of the lanterns and festival in four languages -- Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Visitors will also have the chance to enjoy traditional Korean music and other performances.

For more information, call 02-3788-0882 or log on to 

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