Sunday, June 24, 2012

Japanese film to make in land of Manipur

This is something very new to us as our land is a small as well as quite aloof from the mainland of India , although we have flourish in digital films. This is about a Japanese girl’s search in the remote villages of Manipur for her uncle, who was a soldier during World War II, and many more stories that unfold during her journey will be shot on big screen.

To be directed by Mohen Naorem, My Japanese Niece will see Japanese model Yu Asada essaying the role of the girl, also named Asada. It is based on the story of the Japanese soldier who was left behind in Manipur after the war and people still believe he exists.
The film will be in Manipuri with English subtitles and later dubbed in Japanese for a release in Japan. The entire shoot will be in Manipur.

Asada Yu

“Down the memory lane, she heard about a Japanese old man who was living in that village for a long time. He died a few months ago. But Asada finds many secrets, memories and belongings of her uncle as well as documents, unposted letters, artifacts and dairies of soldiers who were lost.”
Mohen says 23-year-old Asada from Osaka was excited when she first heard about the project.

According to Mohen who is going to direct the film, “our forefathers and those who witnessed the Second World War will never forget the courage of Japanese soldiers. Our grandfathers called the War as Japan War, showing how popular” is Japan in this state.
“After the recent earthquake in Japan, people from Manipur voluntarily came out to donate and the sympathy was also pouring from every Manipuri living abroad. The Japanese government is also helping Manipur in many ways like offering hospitals and sericulture projects from time to time. It is time to show our love to them.”

Mohen said Manipuri filmmakers have been talking with Japanese, Korean and Russian partners for a joint venture project of popularizing regional talents and cinema.
“We realized the possibility of strengthening such bonding between Japanese and Manipuris through films and choose the subject of the My Japanese Niece hence,” he said.


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