Sunday, April 8, 2012

Janet Shin's where are we (saju) ?

Have you ever got lost in your life?

Owing to the development of technology, we are able to enjoy lots of modern conveniences. Some of them are quite gnarly and others have unexpected novelty. Futurologists might have predicted, but who could ever anticipated all the fantasmo devices. If I take my personal story, for example, I always have a hard time to find my way to a place. Due to the help of automobile navigation system, I sometimes drive to the meeting places nowadays, but driving is still one of my most strained things to do. This is often a funny joke for my students at feng shui classes.

How about the satellite mapping services offered by Internet portal sites? Aren’t they incredible? We must be proud of the world and era where and when we live.
Except for the fact that every human is not ready to fully utilize those advanced technology, the world seems overly wonderful, with the dreadful developments which exceed our imagination. This is truly a praiseworthy achievement and we never know how much further it will go.

I remember a day in my childhood, watching a hilarious comedy drama on television. It was showing a funny man talking on the phone, carrying a big public phone. Of course, nobody was aware of mobile phones at that time and the comedian looked ludicrous by performing something nonsensical. Before long, the mobile phones became necessities of our life.

Then, why do people still get lost? Why are we restless, not knowing what to do, where to go, and how to do? In our times of being lost, we crave for a help from an even trivial clue, or a glimmer to show us ways, letting aside such state-of-the-art methods. Were you able to get answers?

I have tried to find ways with people, who were sometimes just ordinary people like us, while other times, they were in serious situations and even thinking to end their lives. As a saju consultant, I am often faced exigent situations.

A man called me to read his saju. In the middle of our conversation, he confessed that he was going to commit suicide after this last phone call. I was hoping that he would change his mind thereafter. And I also appreciated the fact that he took a last chance to talk to someone before he committed something impermissible and I was there to help him.

A businessman, who made endless failures in every endeavor, calls me frequently to discuss things. I use the word “discuss,” because he also studied several ways of fortune telling and he himself is a consultant while running the business. He knows some basics of saju as well and demands answers for quite specific questions. He used to be a journalist and work for a broadcasting company before he started his own business. Having a powerful family background, he was able to hold out with huge financial losses so far, but he said he was about to go broke soon.

Being in this desperate stage of life, he often pounced upon every comment complaining why some readings are different from other fortune tellers and asked what made me advise certain readings, requesting specific theoretical basis. Only after a long conversation, he unburdened his agony. He understood nothing in the world can resolve the entangled problems of his life but he. And he apologized for being so quibbling at the end of the reading. He admitted that saju gave him comfort after sincere conversation, by clearing some clouds in his life.

There are also many common agonies around our ordinary lives.

A successful entrepreneur was lost in his home as his family does not give him an authority even to use the TV remote controller. A seasoned homemaker was suffering from depression because the house is no longer a blissful place for her. A once loved couple was stumped as their love has cooled. I strongly recommend the homemaker or anyone else, to select a certain space in the house for herself or himself. According to feng shui perspectives, we must have a spot where we can relax our mind and body within our living space.

This is called an auspicious site, when it comes to natural environment in general. It doesn’t have to be an individual spacious room, but it requires qi, the life energy where you can find your own tranquility. It is like a spot where the snow melts down quickly in the mountains at winter time. It is like a place where the animals breed. It is like a place where the pets usually take their naps. In this saved spot of your own, you may meditate and ponder about your life and significance of what’s happening around you without disturbance.

Last but not least, I sincerely advise people to take a journey to get to know about themselves. It is a precious investment of time and effort to find a true and inner self.

In regards to people’s suspicion about saju, or about those unscientific methods of spiritual healing, we acknowledge that there is something that even the most outstanding doctor fails to cure, and even the most capable lawyer cannot settle despite huge legal costs, notwithstanding their assurance. Saju can be one of them, which does not provide accurate solutions every time. But saju can be a way to know yourself. If we could turn our attention a little bit to hear the sound of space and time, we may get priceless lessons.

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Janet Shin is the president of the Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea, and the author of “Learning Four Pillars.” Time to time she writes in the Korea Times a leading english newspaper of South Korea.

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