Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Samsung unveils its brand new laptop computer

Samsung Electronics said Wednesday that its Series 9 notebook computer will strengthen its position in the segment.

``We will expand our global footstep in the notebook market this year,” said Nam Seong-woo, head of the company’s IT solutions division, at the company’s headquarters in Seoul. “We will join the global top 3 by 2015.”

Nam said his firm aims to sell 19 million laptops this year, up from 14 million last year and expects to increase its share in the United States.

Samsung is currently the world’s seventh-largest notebook maker behind firms including Hewlett-Packard, Revovo, Acer and Asustek.
``We lead in televisions and smartphones. We also want to lead in notebooks,’’ said Nam.

Samsung will start the sale of its Series 9 ultra-thin notebook in Korea this month. A global launch will follow in March, starting in the United States.

The new laptop will comes with two different screen sizes _ a 13.3-inch one using Intel’s core processor, weighing 1.16 kilograms and with a thickness of 12.9 millimeters; and later a 15-inch version.

``Samsung will offer a 10 percent discount to strengthen price competitiveness in key markets, however, the timing has yet to be decided,’’ said another executive.

``Series 9 notebooks are well-positioned in hardware specifications and design, allowing them to better compete with MacBook Air with better pricing and more product lineup,’’ he said.

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