Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Urban agriculture

Imagine having fresh, healthy vegetables on your table right from kitchen garden, adding green to gray, dreary city.

Residents of Gangdong District in eastern Seoul can have their own garden, full of fresh vegetables.

The district launched environment-friendly urban agriculture project last week, promoting a vegetable garden for a house campaign.

Aiming to fight climate change and prevent urban heat island effect, the district encourages its residents to raise their own vegetable.

At the proclamation ceremony of the project on March 8, urban agriculture experts introduced how to make small indoor gardens with garbage furniture or polystyrene boxes and distributed seedlings for free.

The ward office has developed urban vegetable patches in Dunchon-dong and plans to expand the patches to Gangil, Goduk and Amsa area this year.

In the long-term, the district will create a museum of agriculture and Agri-park, combining farming experience with tourism.

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