Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KOCIS hosts welcoming ceremony for the first batchbloggers of "The Korea Blog"

The opening ceremony kick off yesterday at the office of KOCIS for the Korea Blog, unfortunately I was unable to attend the ceremony as I am away from Korea now but I am so excited to see the picture of the bloggers who have attended the ceremony and able to interact with the bloggers as well as to received the cerficates.(Inside I also felt I wish I could have been there then I must be part of it for sure hehhehe)


The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) held a welcoming ceremony for the Worldwide Korea Bloggers on March 29 that is yesterday at Seoul.

The Worldwide Korea Bloggers are the writers from around the world who have been chosen to contribute to THE KOREA BLOG.

After receiving certificates of appointment at a ceremony in KOCIS headquarters before taking a a tour of Cheong Wa Dae ( The Blue House). (The tour was followed by a meeting to discuss content for the blog.

KOCIS Director Seo Kang-su said, "We are happy to have excellent writers with different backgrounds from all over the world. We'll host and support many events to help the writers to create better contents for the blog."

Including me there are 42 writers from Korea and overseas were recruited by KOCIS in February to create content and write for THE KOREA BLOG.

Well I love Korea, Korean Culture, Tradition, food, style,nature as well as the people on top of these I am a student of Korean studies so I love to promote the Korea and its related subjects .

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