Friday, February 18, 2011

KT chief honored for women-friendly policies

Lee Suk-chae, CEO of KT, received the 17th Gold Award given by the Korea Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW Korea) during its annual ceremony at the Plaza Hotel, Thursday evening.

The award is given to an individual or a group that has uplifted the status of women and also contributed to enhancing their working environment.

``Some 50 percent of our customers are women and we now cannot manufacture products without considering their styles and preferences. I believe this award is a reminder for me and my company to show further interest and support for our female consumers and also employees,’’ Lee said after receiving the award.

Lee was recognized for the telecom giant’s various women-friendly programs, including leadership programs and smart working centers that allow working mothers to work from home ― part or even full time.

``We will do our best to push the status of professional women. That’s the only way our company and moreover society as a whole can survive,’’ Lee added.

BPW Korea is the local branch of the BPW Foundation, one of the biggest organizations for women in the world. Its aim is to transform workplaces by strengthening the capacity of organizations and business to create a work environment that values the contribution of women.

The ceremonies are held every February in some 100 member nations.

Source: Korea times

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