Sunday, January 9, 2011

Similarity on Black Pottery of Manipur and South Korea

In my stay at Korea I always fascinated to have food in Korean black bowl, I don't know why but now I have realized why?
Somehow there is a strong connection with my home state Manipur with this Korean black bowel. Suddenly I realised that in Manipur there is a place called Ukhrul which is one of district in Manipur.

The Longpi Pottery is quite famous in Mnaipur because I have grown up having various non vegetarian dishes with my father and brothers with this black pot utensil from Ukhrul. And recently I happen to visit the Manipur tourism festival at Imphal Mapal kangjeibung where I encounter this Tangkhul Stall where I able to captured some of the rare so called the famous Longpi Pottery.

The home of Longpi pottery is Ukhrul, a district in the north eastern state of Manipur. It lies about 84 kms to the east of Imphal, which is the state capital of Manipur. The climate of the district is temperate, with the minimum and maximum temperatures hovering between 3 degrees centigrade to 33 degrees centigrade. Best time to travel is between October and March. It takes almost 3 hours by bus from Imphal to Ukhrul. Taxis are also available from Imphal. Imphal airport is 6 kms south of the city and is well connected with Kolkata. Dimapur, which is 215 km from Imphal.

When I introduced myself the shopkeeper gave me a warm welcome and allow me to take whatever I want to take a picture and within a short time he narrated the story of this rare art work.
I was so lucky to met them and even they presented me one of the rare plate of Longpi.I was so thrilled to received the precious gift as I already ga-ga over seeing the pottery only.

It seems the origins of Longpi Pottery are lost in history, but according to Ukhrul District Administration it originated as Tangkhul Pottery. Three clans of Hundung – Hungpung had pottery as their trade. They are Chahongnao, Yarzimnao and Kharinao, and the place where they resided is called Hamleikhong.

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